The Most Popular Roofing Materials

The roof is the most important protective cover of a House and influenced its appearance. But what building material fits on which roof? (tdx) When choosing the right roofing, it is important to note some: not every building material suitable for any roof shape and fit at the same time the image of the neighborhood. But no matter whether saddle, hipped or pitched roof, with the most popular building materials of the German titanium zinc, Slate, tile and Dachstein, the solution can be found for every roof know experts of, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing. Both roof tiles as tiles also emphasize the simple and functional style of a roof and find themselves therefore preferred to traditional roof forms, such as the hipped roof. The Dachstein is one of the classic"under the roofing. He is very viable, frost-resistant and has a high dimensional accuracy.

Absolutely unique in roof tiles: the longer they are on the roof, they are all the more harder. For this reason they are also among the leaders on the issue of Longevity. Roof tiles is also the better eco balance demonstrated by the renowned oko-Institut Freiburg compared to roof tiles. So cause roof tiles in the overall balance less than half of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) as roof tiles. But also roof tiles are to the most commonly used roofing materials in Germany. The decisive factor for their high popularity, the raw material is clay, from which they are made.

Roof tiles there are in different colors. A slate roof is suited for roofs with organic roof form. The construction material can optimally adapt the curves by architecturally demanding forms such as mansard – and onion – Bell roofs, therefore incurred no fractures or conspicuous bumps in the roof optics. Slate is variable for foot, first, place passages, throats and ridges can be edited precisely the materials on site and guaranteed as a generally homogeneous and harmonious appearance of the roof. Distinctive trademarks of natural stone: its shimmering grey-blue color. Always Titanium zinc roofs are popular. The natural roofing is virtually maintenance-free thanks to the blue-grey patina, which offers a long-lasting corrosion protection. Another advantage: the high diversity of design. Horizontal and vertical pattern to diagonal solutions, everything is possible. Dormers, chimneys and Gables can also be with zinc and this water – and windproof. Along the way, so even the overall appearance of the roof is raised. "A tip of the experts: a fine eyeliner" or a strong collar zinc roof frame in addition effectively and give him more structure. Free information brochure on the subject offers 'Everything around the roof' an information brochure for builders and renovators.

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