By Rosti, Carrots And Raclette

New Internet portal will take on a culinary journey through the Swiss Kuche(n) who has only once been in the Switzerland, will confirm this experience: somehow everything tastes better there. The cheese and the famous Swiss chocolate that is so well known: it's the first-class raw materials, especially on the valuable milk of Alpine cows that graze hundreds years ago on the Alpine meadows and get only best herbal grass in their stomachs. In addition the Swiss sense of the original, which guards the recipes for once proven like a treasure, so that for example the famous Appenzeller cheese (that is with the holes, the Swiss cheese"par excellence) only in the cantons of Appenzell Inner – and Ausserrhoden and manufactured in parts of neighbouring cantons must be under strict supervision and quality control. Here perhaps can be seen a sense of brand management, before there was this term in the economy for the Switzerland as a gourmet country a clear is this today Competitive advantage. There are so the ingredients and the recipes that make the Swiss cuisine so unique, add the culinary influences of the neighbouring countries (Northern) Italy, France and Germany. Why cut now modern kitchen trends such as the fusion cuisine or even the Thai restaurants in the Switzerland particularly well, is perhaps the particular ambitions of the Confederates, everything that you begin to do particularly well.

So anyone who wants to taste the Swiss specialities at the bottom, can do this on the Internet page. Here you can wander through the 26 cantons, which are listed with their most famous specialities, so regional proceed; or you go to the elements"of the Swiss cuisine, Rosti, cheese, sweet and meat dishes that would be. Separate categories are devoted to the cheese fondue and the chocolate. In all the chapters you will find the best recipes from the cantons, and especially many kitchen secrets, about the contentious question of whether the Swiss Rosti from raw or boiled potatoes, produced the best penalties"for lost pieces of bread in the fondue, a small product information about cheeses and storing cheese, unusual modes of use for chocolate, and and and. En Guata!

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