Story Ceilings

Finishing the ceilings – this area of construction and repair work over the past decade has undergone very significant changes. Whitewashing, painting, pasting wallpaper – Three decades ago it was the most common options for the ceiling decoration. Greatly simplified repair using tiles and panels of extruded polystyrene. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל אפריקה ישראל אוזן קשבת . Today, nobody will be surprised suspended ceilings. How developed Market ceilings in Russia, we will talk in this article. Yes, it is a fact that our country much later Western met with all the benefits of suspended ceilings, which were invented in 1958, but we had only 90 of the last century.

But first, in Russia, spread tile ceilings, which are only remotely resembled the suspension. Square or rectangular panel simply glued to any base: wood, concrete, brick. The abundance of various shades, embossed patterns contributed to the popularity of such coatings. Their big advantage is that they are very easy to repair – damaged plate can simply be replaced. However, not Despite a lot of advantages, such ceilings also had many shortcomings.

In foreign construction to the ceiling long been treated as a paramount component of any building, it is not only architectural, but also different functional and technological requirements to them. This is due to the need to equip buildings complex engineering equipment and power lines. For these reasons the ceilings of these buildings are made mostly hanging and teams. And so, in the 90 years of suspended ceilings are coming to the Russian market. They were quickly appreciated by architects and builders, because the use of suspension systems allowed us to solve immediately many tasks: it provides sound insulation, additional insulation, allowed imperceptibly to place utilities (electrical, computer networks, air conditioners, sensors), make a complex, multi-functional lighting system.


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