Secrets Of A Smile

Presumably there was a smile of threatening gesture – "grin of teeth." There are many types of smiles. People who smile or laugh a lot, eventually the person becomes generally a friendly expression. It therefore, by the way, over the fight against wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can make a grim face mask. Typically, a smile shows his willingness to communicate or need for approval. Smile for men is a good opportunity show that he is in every situation has a.

Smiling woman much truer and more consistent with its actual mood. Since smiles reflect different motives, it is advisable not to rely too much on their the standard interpretation: kind smile excessive need for approval; wry smile sign controlled nervousness; smile when raised eyebrows willingness to obey; smile when lowered eyebrows cited statement of superiority; smile without pulling the lower eyelid insincerity; smile with a permanent extension of the eye without closing threat. If a person covers his mouth by hand – hence, he is cheating the person or withholding of him something important. The freer and relaxed smile seems to us, the more likely it is an expression of the naive, pure joy. In normal smile lip fit snugly to the dental series and their corners a little move backward. If a forced smile, does she suddenly appears and just as suddenly disappear, because it hides behind her hypocritical intentions become apparent.

A smile "on request" is also smile of embarrassment. She also neorganichna. This is a tortured smile, which is often used as a compensation, for example, the expression of sympathy. Cloying smile can be set for slightly more noticeable stretching of the lips. If you smile at her lips are closed, in quite a state of stress, it's a grin. Tension may signal how the attention and the tendency to dominate. Pursed lips express detachment. Often a smile contains and maliciously expression. In this case, it turns into a mimic expression of joy over what should remain secret. Grimace of a smile a smile. According to a smile can be seen that before you squirt, scoundrel or provocative devil. A smile can be a curve, where only one of the corners of the mouth or raised, or lowered, which is a manifestation of the state of internal discord. Gives a wry smile the ability to hide the true opinion of the friendliness of false (for example, when the chief or a respected person who tells some anecdote of civility and the staff have to laugh).


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