A few months ago already exhausted budgets that went to cover bonuses that fueled the well-known Plan 2000E, both sellers and manufacturers of automobiles, even almost any scrap car, have noticed alterations in its activity, which on occasions in addition to reducing the volume of work, has failed to translate into the loss of jobs. Why the National Association of sellers of Motor vehicles has requested the main parliamentary groups that promote a proposal to include bonuses in the next 2011 State budget, again since they are currently in the pipeline. What is this trying to get is the introduction of a new program of direct aid for the purchase of cars that is similar to the defunct Plan 2000E. Sales have plummeted continuously, and continue on the decline in dealers and trading houses, since the completion took place the aid plan. Also have been considerably reduced the number of registrations and the number of users who come to the scrapyard with the intention to get rid of your old car and give low in traffic. So we could say it is an action that not only it is affecting economic level that is also having much to do with a renovation of cars which also decreases in a considerate manner.

But aside from this, it should be noted an increase of applications received in the scrapyards of cars and related to the purchase of used spare parts, since they provide an economic and reliable option that allows you to replace and maintain the good condition of our vehicle, with more competitive prices. It has created a clear trend of users who come to the scrapyards of cars in search of second hand pieces which serve to replace those found in poor condition, in your vehicle. Since a large part of the scrapyards have become authorized treatment (C.A.T.), prior to the sale is carried out at the hands of the professionals in automotive, a complete review of those spare parts that they can still be serviceable, so they can ensure the purchase and the proper functioning of the same. The 2% increase in tax on added value (VAT), coupled with the exhaustion of the budget that was intended to aid that bonificaban the purchase of cars, has led to a clear decrease in the number of owners who took the decision to replace your car old (of more than 10 years, or more than 250,000 km), with the purchase of one new and eco-friendly. There are now many people who prefer to perform repairs or modifications required to fine-tune it and try to maximize the life of the same.

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