Prospecting For Savings Banks

At Symposium of EQ dynamics, managers in the sales of savings banks know how can successfully made the acquisition of new customers. "How we can gain additional private and corporate customers?" How do we achieve that customers who have only a checking account with us, see us, for example, for investment as a competent partner? " Such questions the responsible for sales executives in savings banks often mainly, because of competition with other financial institutions and thus the battle for customers is getting sharper. Answers to these questions will get interested executives of savings banks in the Conference targeted new customer acquisition in the private and corporate customer segment", which organized the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international, Munich, on June 22 exclusively for managers of savings banks. There is among others Thomas Piehl, head of corporate clients South Division and regional manager South at hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) explain how his house with the help of successful new customer referral marketing and new business generated. When designing the Conference EQ dynamics was himself according to Managing Director Irena Fiedler of the following question: which prerequisites must be fulfilled in savings banks so that the acquisition of new customers is not only a formulated mission, but is real? "" Is of central importance, whether the employees the acquisition of new customers rather than annoying task "or as need" see. Therefore the introduction lecture by Irena Fiedler, twelve years has headed the human resources development in the savings bank to Lubeck, will deal, inter alia, with the question, as the hiring of staff to the prospecting can be influenced positively. Also crucial is the question: what conditions must be present for the acquisition of Neu(-kunden)geschaft to work? This explains Thomas Piehl, who worked for 20 years as a leader in the sales of the Hamburger Sparkasse, an example of his house. Intensive setting out also the questions: How can the acquisition employees are excited? And: what kind of support must sales executives grant their employees this? In detail he will concentrate on the subject of referral marketing.

Also the vertical dialog will be presented one of three Managing Director of EQ dynamics, in addition to other systemic approaches on the Conference by Sabine Gruner,". This is a concept that the top executives of savings banks to create the process, it needs to make a new sales culture from the planned change of the sales strategy.


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