Alison Carroll Is The New

At a trade show in France the sexy PC heroine proved quite human Lara Croft fighting, fights and shoots sharp. By the way, the PC heroine also still hot looks and not only on the computer. Rose not only Ms. Jolie as superwoman and sexy vamp in "World history of media" by the embodiment of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, but also the PC heroine is still very popular. At a trade show in France you could then look at Lara Croft in flesh and blood. Although it was not Angelina Jolie but Alison Carroll, but it was also sexy and combative.

She showed a few moves and moved of course especially the male audience captivated. This was mainly on the short short and the short shirt. Itself as the new Lara Croft defiance was all a hot eye-catcher for all Lara Croft… and that is they always remain presented Alison Carroll. Lisa Walters

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